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The Government of India, under the able leadership of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, has introduced several policies and schemes for the Indian Industry, to ensure its development and growth. This is a game-changer and is expected to radically improve the growth of the Indian industry and thereby, its contribution to national wealth as well as the prosperity of its citizens.


The Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas (MoPNG) is committed to carrying forward all such initiatives of the Government of India with great zeal and enthusiasm. This portal is one such step taken by MoPNG under the leadership of the Hon’ble Minister of PNG & Steel. This portal is evolving into a central information pool of sourcing of Capital Goods and MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) items by various Oil Companies and will be a very important source of information regarding the procurement by these companies. This portal is an important step towards "AatmaNirbhar Bharat" and is accessible by all stakeholders, i.e., the Government of India, all Oil Companies, the global (and Indian) manufacturers/ traders, and the Indian industry in general. It is expected to act as an inspirational force for young entrepreneurs. All this will help in the indigenization of global technologies & manufacturing processes by offering the foreign manufacturers crucial information regarding the business potential for suppliers to the Indian hydrocarbon sector.


It will further promote AatmaNirbhar Bharat, helping localization of global products and services. It shall also provide vital statistics to the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas and Indian Government in general helping them monitor the performance metrics related to indigenization initiatives of the Government of India and its various agencies including oil companies. This will, in turn, help them in framing the macroeconomic policies for the future. 


The oil companies shall be able to use this portal to highlight their procurement statistics, future investment plans and also identify the items that they procure with an emphasis on items where India needs more manufacturers. This portal will also simultaneously provide the data in the encapsulated form as Product Fact Sheets of various items which will highlight the essential information related to the product under reference.


India’s time has come and this portal is a harbinger of India's growth in the times to come. 

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