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The Government of India is taking several steps to boost the Economy & Infrastructure with a focus on India-based Manufacturing. With the vision of a Self-Reliant Nation, the Government has approved various investment plans for Oil & Gas Sector.


By 2030, Oil Marketing PSUs along with other private sector players, intend to-

     - Invest $58bn in Exploration & Production by 2023 and $60bn in Natural Gas Infrastructure (Gas Grid).

     - Almost double its oil refining capacity.

     - Increase Natural Gas Distribution Lines by twofold with a 50% increase in the Oil Pipeline network.

     - Put up 12 Biofuel refineries for Ethanol to promote blending in Petrol.

     - Build 8 new R-LNG terminals to boost LNG supplies.


Marching forward from “Make in India” to “Made in India for the world”, the Government of India aims to extensively develop local manufacturing & local supply chains.  This offers immense opportunities for Indian manufacturers.

This section shall engage Indian entrepreneurs with the investors who submit their Expression of Interest in investing in India in certain segments of business or in certain geographical areas.  


For details of Upcoming Projects and Ongoing Tenders, please refer respective Company's Webpage on this portal. 

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